UCC bulldogs vs Bandon J2

Match Report: UCC Bulldogs V Bandon J2.
Date: 2 October 2016
Time: 12:00

The second outing of the season for UCC J3s saw them take on a strong J2 Bandon side on a beautiful crisp Autumn afternoon. With only sixteen players and players having to play in makeshift positions it was going to be a tough ask of the UCC outfit.
As the match begun to unfold, it was clear that the teams were very evenly matched. Bandon proving more physical with UCC showing lots of excellent technique in defence and mobility in attack. After 10 minutes of play UCC suffered a big loss with Shane “Shoulders” O’Mullan suffering a head knock and having to be taken off.
After 20 minutes a Bandon counter attack lead to a break in the defensive line resulting in the first try of the match.
UCC responded aptly, with tireless work coming from the centre pairing of Michael Grufferty and Richard Adepoju. However a lapse in concentration resulted in a second Bandon try.
Before the stroke of half time, some exceptional work from Andrew Sommerfield complimented with the explosiveness of Shane McHugh resulting in a well worked try for College.
Following Half time, both teams stepped it up a gear with the back row of Jamie Fraser, Shane McHugh and Cody Casagrande working tirelessly around the field. Cody playing some fantastic rugby for only his second outing in the Skull and Crossbones.
With UCC camped in their own 22 for the majority of the second half, defense became the name of the game with a significant standout tackle coming from Shane “Dev” Whelan. As fatigue set in, so did the drop balls which resulted in a huge number of scrums. Rory Browne, Jack Baseman and Shane Gould providing a masterclass in scrum endurance in the front row.
UCC began to work through the phases deep in the second half and some excellent work resulted in a well struck penalty from Kev O Connell to add the three points.
Unfortunately at the end, some excellent work down the left wing by Bandon resulted in a try at the death. The Bulldogs can be proud of their efforts with 16 players and a multitude of players carrying injuries the prospective season looks bright for the Bulldogs. They look forward to their first competitive game of the year in the league next week against Shandon.
Special mention must go to Owen O Flynn and Shane Whelan on their first outing in the Skull and Crossbones.
Final Score: Bandon: 20 UCC: 10.
Rory Browne, Jack Baseman, Shane Gould, Ronan Fenn, Declan Geaney, Jamie Fraser, Cody Casagrande, Shane O Mullan, Andrew Sommerfield, Kevin O Connell, Owen O Flynn, Shane McHugh, Richard Adepoju, Darran O Driscoll, Michael Grufferty, Shane Whelan.